WorkNest Referral Program

Earn While You Grow Our Nest!

WorkNest Referral Program

Become a part of The WorkNestifying Revolution!

We are the fastest growing coworking space in the country delivering simplified, upbeat, and a cool working environment. We always welcome new birds who can contribute to making our nest widespread. But do you know you can enjoy credits with every referral converted?


We offer 10% worth of credits of the monthly revenue your referral generates for up to 3 months. At WorkNest, we focus on mutual growth. You can redeem your credits at any WorkNest Centre in India to avail meeting room service, printing service, paying monthly fees etc.

Terms & Conditions-
  • The Referral program is only applicable to current members
  • The reward will be calculated as 10% of the monthly service agreement fee for up to 3 months. For example, if the monthly membership revenue is INR 1,00,000 and the referral has taken space for 3 months or more, then your referral reward would be (10% of INR 1, 00,000) X 3 = INR 30,000.
  • The client referred by any member must be a new client to WorkNest i.e. it must be his/her first engagement with WorkNest. Members who have already engaged with us in the past wouldn't be eligible to avail themselves of referral benefits
  • If a referral is submitted by multiple members, then the first member will be eligible for the reward. If A refers B on 15th May and C refers B on 16th May, then A would be eligible for the referral award.
  • Referrals are not valid where the referring party and the referred client are one and the same person.
  • You may refer to multiple clients. Your referrals are not limited. You will be rewarded for every referral that is converted with us.
  • Credits can be redeemed by the referring client only if WorkNest has received the monthly service agreement fee from the referred member.
  • The reward can be redeemed only in the form of services provided by us directly and not through a third party vendor at all WorkNest Centres in India. For example meeting room service, printing service, membership fees, etc.
  • The reward cannot be redeemed in the form of cash.

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