We’re tuning in to the golden era of Podcasts- Here’s how your business can benefit

Worknest traces the benefits of podcasting and how its popularity can assist you in your business.

Remember when Podcasts came about a decade ago and how useful you did not find them to be? They have existed for more than a decade now and have remained the same. You can, just like before, listen, stream, or download these pre-recorded files. In all its 15-ish years of existence not much has transformed here.

But why is there such a multimedia frenzy all of a sudden? Why does everyone suddenly want to add podcasts to their content?

One of the reasons why podcasts are gaining popularity is how they manage to fit into our lives. You’ll find a podcast dedicated to every topic- news, story, politics, current affairs- you name it. Have 20 mins to spare? You’ll find podcasts of 20 mins duration. With podcasts, there’s no friction- it makes everything faster, efficient, and better.

Be it entertainment or information- Podcasts are making every need available at your fingertips. We’ve spotted Apple and Spotify besides other big names, endorsing Podcasts. Because of its sudden boom in the industry, we can certainly expect some big benefits for businesses with Podcasting.

Benefits of Podcasting for your business

Podcasting is such an interesting platform apart from being so easy to consume. Above all, it’s so personal. There are a plethora of podcasts to choose from and that can reach out to a myriad of consumers.

With the increased use of mobile phones, podcasts are more successful now more than ever. And that is why it is an immensely power-packed marketing tool. Here’s how your business can benefit from the same.

  1. Improved speech skills with Podcasts– As you create more podcasts, you get more fluent with the way you present your ideas, products, and services to the audience. You better your speech each time you produce a podcast content and that way you revamp your public speaking skills. As you work on creating a good podcast, you may struggle initially to frame a flawless line. But it’s like a muscle- the more you practice, the better it gets. Sooner or later, you will be better at presenting your business in public without breaking a sweat or wondering what to say next to your audience.
  2. Build an actual network with your audience– Podcasts is a great way to build an actual network and business community. Imagine a person who’s listening to your content for hours. They have not interacted with you but have interacted with you in a way. Though the recording may seem one-sided, the end effect in the audience’s mind is as if they know you. It builds trust, friendship and a feeling of familiarity. That’s one of the reasons why podcasts are such a hit among businesses today.
  3. Get more people to your business with highly engaging content- We’re not oblivious of the data overload on the web. No one wants to read the same content repeated online. Podcasts have highly engaging content with the most specific data that hits the bullseye. Because podcasts are so engaging, you can actually convey your messages and ideas more conveniently than you can through a written way.
  4. You can create podcasts easily- A good quality earphones and a sound wifi connection- that’s all you’d need to get started. The editing software for podcasts is free and quite easy to use. All you need to do next is create a nice recording. That’s all about it. You can send your podcast to your audience via email. Want to reach a bigger audience? Promote your podcasts through the right distribution channels and you’re done.
  5. Improve Traffic and Conversion rate- Every podcast is carefully produced intending to give a highly refined, professional, and personal content to the target audience. Since it directly speaks to the audience answering their specific search queries, it has a wider audience reach today. Isn’t that what every business wants from their content? What’s more? You can add membership benefits and more personalized perks to your content. It improves both your traffic and user conversion.

Podcasts hardly take any investment to reach out to a vast audience. It’s a better way than most to reach out to your potential customers at present. We’d love to hear you on this. Do you Podcast too? How has it helped in your business?

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