Upcoming Tech Innovation trends to watch this 2019

The sphere of technology has been taking massive innovative leaps over the past decade reaching its peak in 2018. We’ve seen some of the most dynamic and exponential tech innovations in the last few years, all of which are backed with a rapid shift in consumer behavior, cultural patterns and industrial trends. 

These technological developments are bringing more career scope, new jobs, and a room for improvement for businesses. By keeping an eye on the technological shifts, businesses can keep up with the emerging trends, incorporate enhanced ways of working, and have a map of where the market is going next.

With lots of emerging tech trends, there has been an upsurge across industries towards transforming the way they function. Here are some of the most promising tech innovation trends that are making its way to 2019-

Virtual Reality

VR has fascinated us ever since its inception. But with 2019, we’ve seen Virtual Reality shooting ahead as a fantastic tool for businesses. So far we have seen R+ (that includes Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality) in the limited purview of Video Games.

Virtual Reality- Upcoming Tech Innovation

The upcoming trends in technological innovations see R+ stretching out and into sectors like Health, Engineering, Designing, Manufacturing, Space Exploration, and more.

With 2019, VR is set to improve the existing experience across industries. If VR is successfully implemented, we can expect a revamped experience in the way people work across geographical locations. Businesses that are using R+ can scale up their efficiency, productivity, operational functioning and so much more.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things technology isn’t news anymore, nor are the big promises that this technology has hinted at. Out of other transformative technologies, SmartThings technology is taking the front seat in 2019 by connecting devices to simplify your life.

Internet of Things- Upcoming Tech Innovation

Imagine being able to check your room’s temperature, humidity, air quality or the quality of your food in the fridge all in one place- your smartphone. IoT connects devices with smart sensors with cross-platform connectivity to give you the final data in a centralized device.

As per the Forrester Research reports, a vast majority of companies are already up to incorporate IoT. Though there are still some roadblocks for B2Cs to fully implement consumer-friendly  IoT products, the B2B version of the same has made its way into 2019.

With IoT’s upsurge in most industries, we don’t expect smart things to be a rarity in most households.

Artificial Intelligence 

We’ve heard of AI for quite some time now. With tech giants introducing technologies like Siri and Alexa, we already have some idea about what further development of AI can bring to the table.

Artificial Intelligence AI- Upcoming Tech Innovation

While AI may have sounded like a technological breakthrough, AI embedded in businesses along with machine learning and deep learning can ensure better, faster, highly personalized and accurate results.

With major companies investing in technological developments, the business sector has already started incorporating AI into its operations to make their businesses run faster and smoother.

A major obstacle that’s stopping organizations in becoming completely AI-fueled is that there aren’t enough professionals and engineers trained for this industry. With some push towards training AI-skilled professionals, we can expect this technological development to truly reach its full potential.

Driverless Cars

When we think about Autonomous cars, most of us would think about Transformers or Tesla. But 2019 onwards, Autonomous cars are not something that you would see only in sci-fi movies. While many may not be fully prepared to see driverless cars in urban areas, autonomous cars are making their way to our near future at full speed.

Driverless Cars- Upcoming Tech Innovation

Though there are no signs of 2019 seeing fully autonomous cars hitting the road, major names like Ford, Volvo, Toyota, and others are constantly working on making driverless cars a common reality.

Driverless Cars trend has been in talks for some time, especially since 2018 when Alphabet’s Waymo set its self-driving taxi in Phoenix. The move was not a total success but gave room for developers to improve their algo, hardware, and applied systems. With the pace of R&D, we can expect Level 4 and 5 Autonomous Cars hitting the road by the next decade.

Robotic Process Automation

Pretty much similar to AI, RPA is another technological innovation that is making a rapid buzz in 2019. It is using software that can fast pace operations by doing tasks that are often repetitive in nature, such as – processing transactions, replying to emails, etc.

Robotic Process Automation- Upcoming Tech Innovation

One striking effect that RPA will make is automating jobs. As per the Forrester Research, implementing RPA in the mainstream will affect approximately 9 percent of the worldwide workforce.

Though you may think the implementation of many of these technological innovations may replace manual work and hence jobs- many of these may increase job opportunities in the IT sector.

Developers and business analysts can benefit a lot from RPA. So can the solution architects, project managers, and consultants. RPA will not only create job opportunities but also ensure an increased salary graph for many individuals.

The future looks good…

2019 has surely been on the frontier of seeing major innovative technological advancements becoming more accessible and knowable. Worknest is sure that 2020 and onwards will be an exciting time to venture beyond the digital trends as we know today.

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