5 Ways to find future co-founders in a Coworking Space

Networking is no cakewalk. But then again, it is an integral part of any rising startup.

At some point in every entrepreneur’s journey, one realizes the need for collaborations and partnerships. Founders and Entrepreneurs can learn volumes about their business market by collaborating.

Moreover, successful partnerships and networking, in general, improve the overall graph of any startup or thriving business.

Good networking can scale up your business faster, and even churn out more business clients than before. You also make lifelong business friends who help you grow your network base, give you helpful business insights, and more.

In today’s workspace scenario, there are many compelling platforms for networking- coworking being one such platform. Every day, many startups, founders, and businesses come together in coworking spaces. Coworking brings together different businesses and entrepreneurs, thereby creating ample scope for networking.

Then again, as we said before, not everyone is adept at the art of networking in a coworking space. You cannot follow the traditional route and pitch your business at the first meet. There’s always a bit of a learning curve but you can always pull off successful networking in a coworking space with some help.

Our goal in this blog is to offer you easy networking tips so that you can successfully network with potential co-founders in a coworking space.

Let’s Begin,

Attend networking and meetup events
Two man coworking sitting on sofas

The easiest way you can meet a cofounder in a coworking space is by attending nearby networking and meet up events. Look up for entrepreneur networking events in your coworking space- and you’re ready. Meetup events are great ways to meet small businesses, startup entrepreneurs, and business visionaries all under one roof.

Strike a conversation

Networking can happen once you are open to networking. Let’s say you’re in the breakout zone- be the one to start a conversation with a fellow founder. It’s that simple. Conversations can happen easily anytime over usual activities at the workplace. A small gesture can lead to more significant conversations- thus helping you create a great network conveniently.

Attend the events happening in the coworking space
Man conducting an event in a coworking space

Try to attend every event held in the workspace by your fellow tenants. Not only would you get aware of what’s going on around you, but also attract more people to your own business events. Out of those names, you can shortlist those business owners who can be your potential business partners in the future.

Socialize as you go on about the normal day
Two women and a man coworking with people in the background

One of the benefits of a coworking space is that you get to spend time in recreational areas and hence, socialize. Strike a conversation with someone and then work on developing camaraderie with them.

Also, share your experiences as you have your usual conversations. It may help a startup founder, and also help you in spreading your business awareness. You never know who might be looking for the solutions that your business provides. If not anything, socializing would often generate business inquiries, especially right after such meetups.

Share what you know
A man and a woman coworking wearing suits

The exchange of knowledge and services is quite common in a coworking space. Don’t hesitate to share ideas and insights. Discussing trade knowledge and plans can create scope for future work prospects.

Also, it does not matter if you and your co-workers are in different industry verticals. Bartering ideas and concepts can always help create opportunities for future gains and help you find a potential co-founder.

Share Your Passion

Conduct free business-related workshops, share your ideas, and subtly pitch a business proposal to possible clients. Let’s say you have an advertising agency, then conduct a workshop demonstrating the benefits of applying a particular advertising method.

Workshops are a great way to show your passion for your work. Also, it shows you as a professional individual who’s serious about business growth. Showing a passionate attitude towards your work attracts many entrepreneurs and potential future co-founders.

We want to hear from you!

What about you? Have you tried any ways to create your network in your coworking space? If yes, then do share with us. Networking is a helpful tool for many startups and entrepreneurs looking to expand their business. We’d love to hear your insights on networking tactics.

Till then, we will add more to this, as we discover more!

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