5 excellent reasons why you should work in a startup

Joining a startup is like a career escapade. It’s akin to the metaphorical apple from the Garden of Eden. One bite- and you are left with more curiosity about the ephemeral nature of a startup.

You want to explore more, improve more, and harness more opportunities that roll along with it. No wonder why in recent years the number of startups has exploded in India.

Even if it offers a tempting array of ideas, experience, and opportunities, startups are not for everyone. In case you’re wondering how to fast-track your career, here are 5 reasons why working in a startup could be an option for you.

1. The environmental influence

Group of people enjoying their work in a startup

One of the radical differences between a startup and a settled company is the work culture. 

It’s true, you won’t be getting all the cushy benefits of a corporate gig. But then again startups give you many career-defining opportunities with its dynamic work setup.

A startup’s atmosphere initially does not offer you a lot of supervision (where the CEO is sitting next to you or in the same room). You not only are a part of most of the brainstorming sessions but also have to figure a way out in many challenging scenarios.

Overall, you learn a lot in an upbeat work environment that challenges you to push beyond your boundaries and compels you to think outside of the box.

2. Many job-role experiences

Resume needed to work in a startup

Don’t be surprised if you have to wear many hats after you have joined.

A startup doesn’t pigeonhole your position to one of the many job profiles. As a part of the initial team, you’ll find yourself sweeping through different job roles, having your say in every other activity, event, or project.

Startups expose you to the inner workings of a company, which also means that you get plenty of shots to refine your latent skills.

You may not get all the alluring perks of an established company, but you wade through plenty of learning curves backed up with room for improvement.

3.  A unique work experience

Darts and other unique experience in a startup

There are many priceless benefits of working in a startup.

They roll in with a lot of unique, challenging, and versatile corporate situations. To thrive in a dynamic workplace, one has to learn how to adapt. You have to go beyond your comfort zone in such situations.

As you steer through versatile situations, you add up unique experiences of working in a corporate environment. A startup prepares you to take on complex situations and how you can steer clear of major hurdles.

That being said, a blooming company is not for you if you are solely driven by your paycheck. If you’re willing to learn, grow and rise out of the crunch times, then a startup is your place-to-be.

4. You get to innovate

Team of staffs working in a startup to bring out creative ideas

In your initial days, your company will be the window that will let you try and test your skill set. Throughout your journey in a startup, you get to think, strategize, and innovate.

Being a part of a startup, you get an immersed view of the inner workings of a company.

Even if you’re not involved in decision making, you get to be a part of the discussions.

When you see what’s going on and how situations are taken care of- you know different ways of thinking, ideating, and innovation.

5. Other perks

Several hands joined together while working in startup

A startup helps you to finetune your best skills. Unlike in corporate positions, you don’t have to be limited to the job profile you’re hired for.

A startup offers multiple chances to get numerous insights that help you shape your career better. You have the scope to analyze and figure out how you function, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what you can do and cannot do.

Since you have to do more types of work than before, you get to achieve more bullets in your CV than ever before. As a result, you have more career possibilities thanks to your varied skill set which you’ll acquire in a startup.

Working in a startup- is it for you?

A man looking at the pros and cons

A startup is where you will instill the value of self-sustainability, teamwork, and innovation. Once you have created something of your own or helped in the creation of something valuable, you understand the values of ownership, creative thinking and what you can bring to the table. So, would you work in a startup if you got the chance to?

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